Code wars!

I recently signed up for a very cool website that I never tripped across before called codewars. The site basically provides programming skills challenges in a way that is fun and a little addictive. Codewars has a ranking system based on the level of difficulty of challenges (called “katas”) and a point system based on the number of challenges you solve (points can be awarded for various other things as well). I found this website after a coding interview and wanted to practice for future interviews that might have a similar format. Overall, I think codewars will be great for practicing language syntax and using language features. So far, I don’t think it gets into bigger application design and topics like threading and GUIs, but its great for the basics and it can really make you think. The most frustrating thing I’ve come across are the more complex katas that have performance constraints (tested by introducing enormous numbers of random tests against your solutions). Here’s the link if you want to check it out:

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