I’m 4 kyu!

I signed up on codewars.com on March 16th (11 days ago) and have worked my way up to “4 kyu” with their kata challenges (I’ve completed 35 katas at this point). I have no idea if that is good or bad, but the challenges have been interesting and useful for me to work through.

Looking at the points and ranking system I’m guessing it will take significant amount of time to work my way up to 3 kyu. I got to 4 kyu pretty fast by doing challenges above my level at each step (you get some bonus points that way). Some of the 4’s were pretty straightforward and some are more complicated and challenging. The ones that seem too simple for their level seem to have performance requirements (enforced by running lots of tests – with a timeout of 12 seconds for the kata as far as I can tell).

I haven’t tried any at the katas at level 3 yet, but I’ll probably take a look at some of them pretty soon.

By the way, every time I hear or say the word “kyu”, I think of a cartoon theme song my son used to watch when he was younger. The cartoon is “Caillou” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caillou). Anyway, at the beginning of each episode, in the intro/theme song, Caillou sings “I’m Caillou” about 200 times. My son would watch many episodes in a day so that song had permanent residence in my head. I thought I had finally escaped from Caillou, then codewars kyu came along. Now everytime I see the word kyu, I hear a little kid singing “I’m kyu” in my head.

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