Job hunting!

I’ve been in the same role at KBR for many years now supporting TRMC. This has been a great role and I’ve had the opportunity to work on interesting projects and work with very talented people. While I enjoy this role very much, I plan to start exploring other opportunities.

I hope that I am not so pigeon-holed into the defense industry that I will not be considered for opportunities in other industries! I am very much up for the challenge of doing something new where I can make a big impact. Those that have worked with me know that I am passionate about what I work on, I am obsessed with details, and I demand the utmost quality in work from myself and the people I work with. While I can sometimes raise the stress level and sense of urgency, I feel fortunate to have worked on projects that are worthy of obsessing over.

I’m an experienced engineer with many talents, but what I pride myself most on has little to do with engineering. I am most proud of the hard work, stamina, and grit that I bring to a team to help ensure that we make constant progress and find solutions with the resources that we have available. A desire to work hard and see things through is a valuable quality in any walk of life. I believe anybody that you talk to that has worked with me closely will vouch for the fact that I possess these qualities (perhaps at an overly intense level at times).

My most “marketable” skills are in programming (with a focus on C++ lately) and software team leadership and training. My most marketable knowledge and experience is in understanding complex communication interactions between defense systems in T&E/training, tactical, instrumentation, and simulation contexts. Again, I hope this does not pigeon-hole me into the defense industry, and instead offers a glimpse into the level of engineering challenges that I am able to comprehend and help develop solutions for.

I will be reaching out within my network and applying to jobs in the coming weeks or months. It is generally risky to take this kind of open approach. I feel very comfortable in my current role, but there are things I value more than comfort and I’m looking to make the next 20+ years of my career as impactful as the first 20 years have been.

As always, I pride myself on hard work and attention to detail, and I have no intention to slow down or be distracted while I continue working for KBR and TRMC. I’ve had discussions with my boss and have been training other individuals on our team. KBR has been a great company to work for and has always been supportive of my career growth. Theres is still a possibility that I will continue working for KBR for years to come, depending on roles and opportunities currently available within the company.

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