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Somebody recently asked me if she could see any of the recordings of technical talks I’ve given. Unfortunately, TRMC requires that you be a US government employment or one of its contractors with a reason to be on the TRMC website ( in order to download the recordings. However, I thought I’d provide some info on the tech talks I’ve given (or contributed toward so far)…

Description of the tech talks in general: “JMETC Tech Talks are virtual meetings that provide a structured forum to discuss user requirements and share new technologies with the community. These virtual meetings will include overviews and updates for current activities and will be used by the TRMC and JMETC to shape technical solutions and subsequent investments, to formulate courses of action, and to identify action items. JMETC Tech Talks are limited to Government, Government support contractors, DoD industry, and other related distributed testing partners.”

All of these tech talks were Internet based using Microsoft Teams. However, prior to these tech talks I have given many presentations on similar/related subjects in-person at Architecture Management Team (AMT) events and JMETC Technical Exchange (JTEX) events.

31 March 2022 – Slideless TENA Code Walkthrough
This one hasn’t occurred yet (I’m preparing for it now but thought I’d slip it in). In this Tech Talk I will illustrate the TENA API by looking at code from several demonstration and testing applications. I will focus on the steps needed to join a TENA execution, and to publish and subscribe to SDOs and Messages. I will also look at examples of SDO pointers, remote methods, custom local class constructors and methods, and various other TENA-related programming constructs. The focus of this tech talk will be to provide examples of how TENA OM constructs are implemented in C++, Java, and C#. This is not intended to be a step-by-step API tutorial, but will provide a fast-paced sampling of various TENA code examples. I will refer to OM TENA Definition Language (TDL) files for reference and demonstrate applications to help illustrate OM concepts. However, the majority of this tech talk will be spent looking at the TENA API in C++, Java, and C#.

Developing TENA Applications using the LVC Object Model Collection
Tech Talk Date: 15 October 2020
To help in the development of the new “Live, Virtual, and Constructive” LVC OM Collection, we asked the TENA Community to evaluate these OMs for their specific use cases. In this LVC Tech Talk, I provided a tutorial on building applications using this Collections. Starting from downloading the OMs and working through several development exercises, I built TENA applications and took a developer-level look at design of these LVC Object Models.

Using The LVC OM Collection on My Range
I was a contributor on this one
Tech Talk Date: 31 August 2020
My part focused on demonstrations using actual and representative range systems to highlight the best practices for using the new OM collection on a test or training range.

TENA Products Overview
Tech Talk Date: 16 December 2021
This tech talk included a general overview of the main products listed on the TENA Software Products page. I provided information on the products, examples of use, and a quick demonstration for some of the products. The demonstrations included the TENA Execution Manager (EM), Console, Canary, DISGW/Dashboard, SIMDIS/plugin, TDCS (collector/playback-tool, dbExporter, dbConverter), DataView, ISAT, Radar Systems GUI, and the ADS-B Adapter (and some test support tools to generate test data). This tech talk gave attendees an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the TENA products offered by TRMC, see some of them in action, ask questions, and provide feedback for future improvements and new capabilities.

Using the TSPI Object Model
Tech Talk Date: 30 September 2021
The Time Space Position Information (TSPI) Object Model (OM) is used to represent location, orientation, and the dynamics of entities. The TSPI OM implementation enables the exchange of information between systems that are not using identical coordinate representations, thereby significantly improving the interoperability of those systems. This tech talk covered “using the TSPI Object Model” and was geared toward software developers. l went over the basics of what the TSPI OM is and how to use it in user applications.

Using the TENA Console
Tech Talk Date: 28 July 2021
The TENA Console is an event management graphical user interface (GUI) utility that can be used for monitoring applications joined to an execution. Through the TENA Console, operators can examine the configuration parameters used by an application and the runtime operational parameters associated with the application. Network monitoring commands are also supported by the TENA Console to detect network communication problems. Multiple instances of a TENA Console can be simultaneously connected to an execution at various locations on the network supporting the execution. In this tech talk, I provided an overview of the Console as well as demonstrations with the Console interacting with several other tools.

TENA ADS-B Adapter overview and demonstration
Tech Talk Date: 25 May 2021
This tech talk covered the current TENA ADS-B Adapter capabilities and limitations. Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) is an FAA standard for reporting the position of commercial aircraft to ensure air traffic control & safety. Injecting live commercial air traffic allows for a more robust LVC environment. I provided a demonstration and highlighted the use of TENA-LVC OMs, and interaction with other TENA tools (e.g. SIMDIS). This also happens to be one of the tools that I built personally.

TENA SDK and API (in C++) crash course
Tech Talk Date: 29 April 2021
This tech talk was an overview of the TENA Software Developer Kit (SDK) and Application Programming Interface (API) using C++. I covered the basic steps necessary to build a TENA app using common TENA Standard Object Model (OM) Stateful Distributed Objects (SDO) and Messages. This tech talk was geared toward software developers, but other folks attended as well.

NRL SIMDIS Overview & TENA plugin demonstration
This one I helped coordinate and contributed to. A representative from NRL covered SIMDIS, then I covered the TENA plugin for SIMDIS.
Tech Talk Date: 4 March 2021
From NRL/SIMDIS: “SIMDIS has evolved from a Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) display tool for the output of missile models to a premier government off the shelf (GOTS) product for advanced situational awareness and visual analysis”. In this tech talk, NRL provided an overview of SIMDIS, including what it is, how to obtain it, and how to get started. I provided additional information and demonstrations related to the SIMDIS TENA plugin, which integrates a set of TENA Standard Object Models (OM) for simulation and range instrumentation into SIMDIS.

TENA Data Collection System (TDCS) & DataView Demo
This one I helped coordinate and contributed to. I covered TDCS, then a representative from the TRMC development team covered DataView
Tech Talk Date: 28 January
I provided an overview and demonstration of the TENA Data Collection System (TDCS) and its related tools (collector, playback, DB exporter). TDCS allows TENA users to collect and playback data for any Object Model (OM). DataView can be used to monitor, filter, graph, and export data collected by TDCS in near real-time or after an event.

Using TENA on My Range
This was the first official JMETC tech talk I did, although I gave numerous technical trainings and demonstrations over the years before these tech talks. After covid hit, TRMC stopped having its JTEX conference, which led to these tech talks being formed.
Tech Talk Date: 09 June 2020
In this tech talk I provided an introduction to TENA and the Standard Object Models (OM), an overview of the Range Instrumentation Object Model (RIOM) collection, and related software demonstrations that highlight best practices for using TENA on a test or training range. This was basically a more formal version of what I have done many times before and after this tech talk – which I call a “TENA intro/Q&A” session.

I’ve also been involved with the coordination of other tech talks, and have given many less formal Internet-based trainings and overviews. As mentioned above, all of these tech talks were Internet based using Microsoft Teams. However, prior to these tech talks I have given many presentations on similar/related subjects in-person at Architecture Management Team (AMT) events and JMETC Technical Exchange (JTEX) events.

For folks that are in the DoD range community that happen to trip across this, I should mention that I’m just highlighting what I’ve been involved with here. There are numerous teams that give tech talks each month. Topics center on distributed software development and tools, cybersecurity, networking, big data, and numerous special projects that TRMC is involved with (as well as guest speakers on various topics across the defense industry). I believe anyone with a US Government Common Access Card (CAC) will be automatically approved for an account (which includes any US DoD employee). Contractors without CACs will need to be a US citizen and provide their government POC. There are more details at There is also a “public release” site that some individuals (including some non-US individuals) can gain access to at However, this public-release site (which isn’t really “public”) is severely limited in the amount of software and information that you can obtain from it (and the tech talk recording can currently only be obtained from the .mil site).

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