This is Wiggins, Laurie’s latest foster cat. He should be ready for adoption soon (https://www.savinganimalstoday.org/). He had a cold that is clearing up. He’s a super chill cat and seems to get a long with people, other cats, and dogs. I think he’s about 10 months old.

2023-03-25 Garden Log

Today I planted three varieties of peas near each fence post along the “new garden fence”, and somewhat randomly in the main garden. I used a digging bar to create a small hole and added several seeds from each of the three seed bags to each hole. The digging bar was necessary to puncture the …

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Setting up NextCloud on Ubuntu 22

These are my notes on setting up NextCloud on Ubuntu 22. There are optional steps for setting up a self-signed SSL certificate or a certificate from letsencrypt.org. If you do not use SSL immediately, disable the https redirect in the Apache configuration file. These instruction assume that MyNextCloud.com and www.MyNextCloud.com properly resolve to a valid/routable …

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LightSail VPS WordPress notes

I recently moved a couple WordPress-based websites from an older Amazon Linux 2 based LightSail VPS to a newer Ubuntu 22 based VPS. These are my notes in case I want to refer to them later (with some info redacted for posting publicly). Ensure you can access and edit the domain records since the IP …

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Denver, March 2023

Laurie and Lee were planning a trip to California, but it got canceled due to some severe weather that was expected in the area they were going to travel to. So they stayed in the area and we took a mini vacation to the Denver area. Lee has been interested in transportation systems lately, so …

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