Installing Eigen3 library on RHEL8 and Windows 11

These are just some quick notes on installing Eigen3 (v3.4.0) library on RHEL-8 and Windows-11 (something I’m experimenting with for a side project)… RHEL-8 The header files should now be in the appropriate system path (/usr/local/include) Window 11 (tested with cmake v3.27.5 and VS2022) Download and unzip Open VS2022 as an administrator, then open …

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Custom repo example for RHEL8

This post includes some quick instructions to setup an Apache2-homed yum/dnf repo on and for RHEL8. Install Apache2 and createrepo: Start Apache2: Prepare directory with custom RPM(s): Create the repo indexing files: Now the repo should be “live”, but we need a repo file to reference it from clients. We will create and test a …

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WordPress Ubuntu Config

These are some consolidated notes on setting up WordPress on an Ubuntu server (replace “example”, “” and “ExamplePassword” appropriately). Database prep Start the mysql command program: Run these mysql commands: Directory/file prep Create directory structure, download WordPress files, and set directory and file permissions, Initial web server config Start a test editor to create an …

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This is Wiggins, Laurie’s latest foster cat. He should be ready for adoption soon ( He had a cold that is clearing up. He’s a super chill cat and seems to get a long with people, other cats, and dogs. I think he’s about 10 months old.