Just for the fun of it I started posting some random graphics I worked on here: I’m not sure what I plan to do with this page, but it was fun for me to go through some of this stuff. I might do something similar for some old photography… but that will probably take …

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LAMP backups

I recently moved some websites and I’m “re-setting up” my backups. I like to keep rolling daily and monthly backups, so I wrote a small bash script that looks like this: Then I have a bunch of database backup lines in my crontab that take the general form: Finally, I have two other cronjobs that …

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Install VS Code on RHEL8

CLI stuff (from Running code the first time I got “unable to write program user data” with a complaint about some directories it couldn’t write to. Long story short I created the directory it was complaining about and gave ownership to my normal user:

RHEL8 remote desktop setup

From the command line: Install EPEL for RHEL8: Or, install EPEL for CentOS8: Install packages Start xrdp and enable it to auto-start on boot Allow xrdp through firewall From Windows I could not remote into the RHEL xrdp server if it was running a desktop (I’m not sure if that is normal). I had to …

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