Building Qt for Windows 10

These notes are adapted from the information provided at this link: and focus on Windows 10, Visual Studio 2019 (64 bit), Qt v5.15.1 and some nuances and issues encountered. Setup build tools Remove “sh” command:¬†Ensure the “sh” command is not in the path (simply run “sh” and see if it runs – it should not). …

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Enabling and testing core dumps in RHEL7/CentOS7

Temporarily enable core dumps: Test creation of core dump file: The output of this test should be “Segmentation fault (core dumped)” and you should get a file named something like “core-crash-sig11-user1000-group1000-…” in your /tmp/ directory.

Cabin roof

These are some notes and pictures for our cabin roof. We had a roofing company in Fort Collins redo our roof and they are asking for some pictures, so figured I would upload here to share. We had our cabin roof shingles replaced September16th 2020. On October 12th I heard a loud slapping noise against …

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New computer

I thought I’d document my next personal computer build for fun and for reference since I haven’t built out a personal computer in a long time. Thoughts on Operating System and software… My main personal computer was getting a bit old and I have some upcoming projects that it will not work well for. I …

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