Check if file is 32bit or 64bit on Windows

This is useful for determining if an executable or shared library (DLL) is 32 or 64 bit… dumpbin /HEADERS C:\Qt\Qt-5.15.1\bin\Qt5Core.dll |findstr machine Output will be something like “8664 machine (x64)” (for 64 bit).

Remote CentOS 6 and 7 desktop

CentOS 7 From CentOS7 (remote desktop server)… sudo yum install -y epel-releasesudo yum install -y xrdpsudo systemctl enable xrdpsudo systemctl start xrdp sudo firewall-cmd –add-port=3389/tcp –permanentsudo firewall-cmd –reload From Windows (remote desktop client)… Hit Windows key, type “Remote Desktop Connection”, enter.Enter CentOS7 IP address, username, and password. CentOS 6 From CentOS6 (remote desktop server)… sudo …

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