Installing Websocketpp on RHEL7 / CentOS7

This is a requirement for cpprestsdk (Microsoft Casablanca). sudo yum -y install cmake3 mkdir -p ~/src && cd ~/src git clone cd websocketpp mkdir build && cd build && cmake3 .. make sudo make install  

Installing boost on RHEL/CentOS (7 or 8)

RHEL8/Centos8 The following is an example of how to to install boost on RHEL8 or CentOS8. The boost version here is 1.75 and the library selection was based on requirements for a Microsoft Casablanca (cpprestsdk) build. These particular notes assume the “default” RHEL8 build environment using GCC v8.3. wget tar xf boost_1_75_0.tar.gz cd boost_1_75_0 …

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SQLite3 on RHEL7/CentOS7

Building and installing SQLite3 mkdir -p ~/src && cd ~/src wget tar xf sqlite-autoconf-3250200.tar.gz cd sqlite-autoconf-3250200 ./configure && make sudo make install