Some random graphics I’ve done over the years. Some of this stuff was never used for anything. Some of it was used for online graphics, banners, signs, posters, stickers, billboards, rack cards, “mini cards”, various other printed media. Most of this I’m posting because it brings back some kind of memory and it’s fun to look back through.

Some old project icons:

An old (no longer used) website i maintained for a while for a property owners association in Virginia
Gotta throw this in somewhere!
I don’t think we ever used this one

Some old sketches for the ghost tour logo from way back (this was put together for discussing design)…

Some random stuff that was hand drawn and scanned at first (before editing on computer)…

This was a depiction of a famous murder that was told during the Fort Collins Ghost Tour
Fort Collins From an old print add
A card
My “hand border”. Never used for anything (I don’t think)
Covered Wagon. Never used (was part of a sketch for some poster I think)
Copyright 2013 – Fort Collins Tours, Inc.
Created with GIMP
Yard sign for Juszak Realty. Sometimes you have to just go for simple!