Cabin roof

These are some notes and pictures for our cabin roof. We had a roofing company in Fort Collins redo our roof and they are asking for some pictures, so figured I would upload here to share.

We had our cabin roof shingles replaced September16th 2020.

On October 12th I heard a loud slapping noise against the roof when it was windy. I looked outside and saw the shingles flapping up and down…

We reported this to the roofers immediately.

They came out and looked at it and said they would be back to look at it again. We called a few times since 12 October but haven’t been able to get anyone out from the roofing company to fix this.

On November 20th (today), we pulled up to the cabin and I noticed shingles all over the property, which is generally not good. I looked at the roof again. This time, the shingles had been predictably removed by the wind…

So we’re still trying to get the roofers out to take a look at this and fix it. We’re also hoping the roof doesn’t start leaking and causing damage inside the cabin.

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