Cabin water meter replacement notes

These are notes related to a water meter replacement and will be used to help determine materials and tools to purchase for replacement (and/or to pass along to a plumber for quotes and replacement).

Pipe measurements: 7/8″ outside diameter copper pipe with 12″ span for couples and meter. Pipes are fitted with threaded female adapters on both sides. Male threads are just under 1 + 1/16″ diameter (probably considered 1″ diameter?). Wrench sizes will be approximately 1 + 1/4″ and 1 + 5/8″. The two couplers are approximately 3″ in length each. The water meter unit is approximately 8″ in length. (Discrepancy in total length, ~14″ versus ~12″, is due to thread overlap).

Pictures of pipes, meter, and fittings:

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  1. chris.juszak

    For future reference, this is the “original” link to the meter replacement I ordered…
    This was a drop-in replacement and only took a few minutes to replace with a large crescent wrench and pipe wrench. There were rubber seals on the couplings so no tape or sealant was necessary.
    In case the Amazon link disappears…
    Description: “DAE PD-75 Lead Free Potable, Positive Displacement Water Meter, 3/4″ NPT Couplings, Pulse Output, Gallon” (I’m not bothering with the pulse hookup for remote reading… just need to crawl under the cabin once per year to get the reading).
    Item dimension: 7.5″ length (with couplings: 11.5 inches), 3.81″ wide, 4.75″ height..

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