Install and enable devtoolset-8 on RHEL7 or CentOS7

Install devtoolset-8 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 7 or Community Enterprise Operating System (CentOS) version 7, with persistent enabling.

RHEL7 only

sudo yum-config-manager --enable rhel-server-rhscl-7-rpms

CentOS7 only

sudo yum install centos-release-scl

RHEL7 & CentOS7

# Install devtoolset-8
sudo yum -y install devtoolset-8

# Add to bashrc for future sessions
echo "source scl_source enable devtoolset-8 &> /dev/null" >> ~/.bashrc 

# Enable devtoolset-8 in the current session
source ~/.bashrc

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