Using cpprestsdk

I posted a “relatively simple” example app on github that uses cpprestsdk to provide host information via REST interface calls (JSON over HTTP/HTTPS). This is mainly just a reference for myself (I plan to use cpprestsdk in some other projects).

I originally looked at cpprestsdk as part of a work project (that unfortunately I can’t share on github), but I can think of numerous personal projects where cpprestsdk might come in useful for. I’ll probably try to get my “hostinfo” code (or some variation of it) to run on a Raspberry Pi next (will help provide a bridge into some other ideas I have; using the Pi to control hardware via a REST interface)… eventually. Cpprestsdk is probably overkill for what I’m thinking, but it saves a lot of monkeying around trying to get headers, URIs, etc setup correctly (and I really like being able to use C++ over some more popular stacks for building REST interfaces).

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