Cutting bouquet

These are a bunch of cuttings I took from our cabin property this week. I bring back the cuttings and prepare them with a rooting gel. The cuttings are placed in a specially prepared soil mix. Some will survive (take root and begin growing on their own) and some will not. The successful ones (at this stage) will get replanted at the cabin property. Here’s what they look like right now:

These will be kept indoors for the time being. The green leaves will likely die, then (if lucky) new growth will begin to appear and I will eventually see root growth reach the edge of the grow bags. In this batch, there are various species – including Willow (mostly), Juniper (just one), sage (just one), a few wax currant cuttings, and a few cinquefoil cuttings. These are all native plants to the area – which is preferable for replanting. I always have several “batches” of these going and I’m still experimenting with which plants do best, which rooting powders/gels work best, etc. There are a lot of variables. I thought I’d post this batch since I happened to take a picture of the “cutting bouquet” I prepared before transport back to Fort Collins.

My prediction is that the willows will do fine, but I’m not sure about the others. I had limited success with the wax currant last year from fall cuttings, so I’m hopeful I’ll do better with these spring cuttings. I might also plant some of these at my house property in Fort Collins. I have several species of plants growing here with the idea that I’ll eventually be able to take cuttings in Fort Collins that I can grow and plant in Red Feather Lakes.

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